Spreading Kindness as a Family

Today for our family post I thought we would talk about a special event that was celebrated yesterday, Random Acts of Kindness day!  I’ve shared about kindness several times before, but never with a focus on family like today.  So I have 4 thoughts for you today on celebrating random acts of kindness with your family.

Do a bit of kindness each day for one other person in your family.  Maybe you do chores for someone else.  Maybe you call home before you get there and ask if anything is needed from the store.  Maybe you pick up a treat from the corner bakery, bring home flowers or your partner’s favorite magazine.  Maybe you get your kids that special treat while you’re out shopping together.  Maybe you read that extra book or chapter before bed to your children.  Maybe you spend an extra 5 minutes playing with your pet.  Maybe you make dinner instead of the person who usually makes it.  Maybe you come home early so you can put your kids to bed. Maybe you share a compliment about what someone is wearing or how well they did their work that day.  Maybe you bring home a little $0.99 card that says “I love you” on it for your kids or partner.

Sharing food or a drink with someone is always a great way to be kind.  Rather than fight over the last cookie, share it!  If you’re getting a coffee or beverage from a coffee/ice cream shop, get one for someone else. If you stop to pick up bagels/donuts for work, pick up some for those at home.

Why should you do random acts of kindness?  First and foremost, it’s fun!!  Whenever someone gets surprised by your little bit of kindness their face always lights up.  They’re always thankful that you thought of them and cared enough to do something special for them. Second, it teaches your children how to be polite and respectful of others.  If we’re teaching children how to do that little bit of extra goodness, they’ll do better at jobs, in school, when working with clients or when dating.

If you want to read some more on kindness you can read this post or this one, and I encourage you to visit the Random Acts of Kindness website where they’ve got lots of great stuff.

I encourage you to make it your mission to do one, just one, Random Act of Kindness each day for someone-either online or in life.  You’ll be surprised and blessed by the result!

Share your favorite kind things to do below!

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