Business Tips from the Presidents

In honor of Presidents Day here in the USA, I thought it would be fun to talk about some business tips that Presidents can teach us.

Reagan: known as the great communicator, something all business owners should be known for.

Clinton: connect with the people.  If you can’t connect with the people, you won’t succeed.

Washington: be passionate.  Passion drives us and keeps us going.

Ford: be prepared to make adjustments.  You’ve got a choice in life: react to changes or prepare for them.

Kennedy: have a sense of humor.  Everyone needs to laugh and remember that life isn’t all serious moments.

Lincoln: work with the best, even if they seem to be rivals.  Don’t see everyone as competitors, see how you can help and support each other, especially if they’re the best.

Roosevelt: be confident and upbeat.  It’s not about ignoring the problems or reality, it’s about acknowledging them and coming up with a plan to overcome them.

Adams: work with those you can trust.  If you can’t trust your coworkers or employees, you won’t get anywhere, or you’ll constantly be redoing what they’ve done.

Obama: put technology to use with purpose, and don’t forget what really matters in life. Don’t just have social media profiles, use them well.  And, don’t forget that you’ve got people in your life.  Make sure you spend time on your life, not just your business.

Carter: work on those details, but make sure to check out the big picture.  Life is about both details and the big picture.  Don’t take care of one and you could have big problems.

Those are just a few lessons we can learn from some past US presidents.  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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