Friendship Tips

This month we’re talking about friendships  a bit.  Today I thought I would share some tips with you on how to be a great friend.  Some may seem simple or over said, but they’re important!

Be yourself: trying to pretend to like something or someone will not get you anywhere.  Like what you like, who you like and don’t pretend.  But don’t be afraid to try new things too.

Be a good listener: even more important than talking and sharing is being a good listener.  Everyone loves a good listener.

Be there for them: if you know they’re having a baby, text them and ask if you can come over and cook or clean for them. If you know they’re struggling financially, ask to take your friend out to a coffee shop for a special treat and break from the stress (your treat of course).  Offer specific assistance, because saying “let me know how I can help” usually leaves your friend frustrated and not helped.

Smile: just smiling when you’re with them means that you appreciate and enjoy your friendship.

Pay attention: try your best to notice and remember things.  If they look distracted, ask them if they want to talk about it. Remember their birthday, drinking preferences and other favorites.

Stay in touch: you don’t have to call them every day, but do make an effort to email or text them at least once a month and find out how they are doing and what’s going on (so you can support them!)

Celebrate with them: celebration is an essential part of a healthy life and relationships.  Send them a card or e-card after a big event.  Email them and congratulate them.  Call them and ask them to come over so you can celebrate together.  Celebrate for big and little events.

Give compliments: this is a great way to support your friendship.  It doesn’t have to be a big compliment, or one every time you’re together, but honestly compliment them whenever you have occasion.

Be forgiving:  holding things against them is not only hurtful for them, it is also for you.  Forgive them so you can move on, and so you can possibly repair the friendship.

Communicate: tell them when you’re stressed or what you’re really feeling.  Being honest and sharing what’s really going on in your life is important for both of you.

Check your expectations: expect loyalty and support, but not constant attention.

Love them: no matter what, above all else, love them in whatever ways you know how.

Which one do you do best?  Which is hardest for you? Share your thoughts below.

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