Transforming Closets I

One of the most frequent challenges for people is their closets.  Whether in the kitchen or in the bedroom, it’s hard to make it all fit in!  So today I thought I would share some tips and ideas for organizing those special closet spaces.

First and foremost, we need to clean them out.  If you just keep shoving stuff in you’re not helping the situation.  You’ve got to decide if you use/wear it and then choose to keep it or share it with someone else (there are lots of organizations that take clothes donations, and some that take food or kitchen items too).  If after going through the whole closet you still have too much, consider storing it somewhere else in the house.  Perhaps under your bed for clothes, and in a pantry rack or small closet for food.  Also go through your pots, pans and other kitchen items, do you really need all 10 pans?   Don’t forget about those bookshelves and books stored in boxes too!  Bottom line really strive to eliminate some of the stuff in your closets.

Once you’ve removed some that isn’t liked or worn or used, immediately put it somewhere that you have to get rid of it.  Don’t leave it on your bed to be put back in the closet at the end of the day or on your kitchen floor where you’ll stuff it back in.  Try calling or visiting the website of a veteran’s association or local food bank and see if they do home pickups (most do) or if  you need to drop it off.  They may also take books, or you could try donating them at your local library.  If the weather is nice, you could do a garage sale, but usually with food and clothing, it’s just easier and better to donate it and be done with it.

So, now that the closet is emptier, pat yourself on the back!  It’s a huge step that you just took to get rid of stuff that isn’t helping you anymore.

I’m going to finish up today by talking about the major structures in your closet.  Do you have shelves?  One or two big, empty closets in the kitchen?  Do you have a single pole?  How are your clothes/food in the closet?  Do you have built in storage?  If you don’t have a custom designed storage system or shelves that work for you already in the closet, here are some suggestions: Home Depot has an option set up of either functional wire, or more decorative wood ideas you can check out here.  The wire solution is typically able to be installed by you, or you can hire someone to help you.  The Container Store and Ikea also have options for you to consider.  Getting a simple cabinet or cart is a great idea for some extra space in the kitchen, especially if you don’t have a pantry.

Before we get into some of the organizing details in 2 weeks, I suggest you invest in a better storage system if you don’t have one.  So spend some time over these 2 weeks to find an option that will help you better organize and use your space.

Stuck?  Need help knowing what’s best for you?  Share your thoughts and questions below.


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