Welcoming Spring

Today I thought we would talk about spring!  Sunday was the official start of spring and I’m honestly excited to start carrying my tissue box around while I smell the flowers.  My question to you is: What is spring?  To me

Spring is new growth.
I love seeing all the little plants sticking their heads out of the ground.  After the winter we’ve had in New Jersey I’m sure they’re looking forward to sun just as much as I am.

Spring is relief.
Winter is cold and challenging for many people.  It’s so encouraging to finally see the snow melt away and trees begin to grow leaves again.

Spring is new life.
It’s always exciting to visit a park or lake and see the little ducks or baby bunnies that pop out in spring.  It’s the perfect time to plant seeds and begin thoughts of summer vegetables.

Spring is change.
Spring means that you’ve entered that new phase.  Your life, and life around you is just bursting out with opportunities and fresh starts.

Spring brings hope.
Winter can really take a toll on you even if you’re not prone to seasonal affective disorder (winter depression).  No matter how rough the past few months have been for you, you see hope in each returning robin, hopping bunny and bit of color.

What is spring to you?  What do you enjoy most about spring?  Share your thoughts below.

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