In 1882 in New York City pancakes were first made.  Today I thought we would celebrate all the fun things we can do with pancakes as a family!

Pancake Recipes:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream Sauce

Almond Pancakes

Ricotta Infused Pancakes and Thyme Syrup

Blue Corn Pancakes with Orange Honey Butter and Cinnamon Maple Syrup

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Nutty Topping

Banana Sour Cream Pancakes

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Swedish Pancakes

Vegetable Pancakes

Green Apple-Sourdough Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes with Orange Syrup and Raspberries

Low Carb Maple Pecan Pancakes

Pancake Fillers:

Veggie Stuffed Pancakes

Pancake Rollups

Sweet Potato and Cumin Filling

Spinach and Feta filling

Pomegranate Syrup

Fruit rollups

Pancake Fun:

(Use any pancake batter you wish, take these as ideas not necessarily recipes!)


Piggy Pancakes

Snowmen Pancakes

New Years Pancakes

Add food coloring to the batter (watch out for allergies though!)

Mickey Mouse is another favorite pancake shape

Do you have favorite pancake recipes or fun things you do with pancakes?  Share your stories below!

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