Spring Organizing for the Whole Family

Spring is hopefully officially here.  But whether nature is ready to give up it’s persistent focus on snow and winter or not, the birds and people all have spring cleaning on the brain.  So roll up your sleeves, get out your garbage bags and get ready to do some spring organizing (and cleaning), as a family!

See who can clean up their room the fastest.  Or find the most clothes that don’t fit any more. Or can put back the most toys.  Or can put everything back the neatest.  Make it a contest so that the kids are motivated, and you and your partner also stay focused.  Specify what must be cleaned and organized, how long they have to stay focused on the task at hand or how many things must be picked up and put away before they can be done.

Maybe it’s an extra book at bedtime, a special trip to the ice cream store, picking out something special at the grocery store, a small amount of money, alone time with mom or dad, extra time outside or an extra 30 minutes of TV or video games.  If it’s just you and your partner two ideas are the partner who won picks the restaurant, or a night out with your friends.  The possible rewards are endless, just choose ones that will motivate you or your kids the most.

Say that you’re all going to clean the kitchen together for 20 minutes, then go outside and play and clean up in the yard for 20 minutes, then come inside to do the kids bedrooms for 20 minutes, then a snack and break for 20 minutes (cleaning & organizing makes you hungry), then organizing in the parent’s room for 20 minutes.  You can adjust the times to be appropriate for your kids and family, but this way you’re all working together, taking breaks, and changing locations so that no one can get too bored or be too distracted.

Plan B
If all else fails, put on a spring movie or show for the kids to watch. Or have 1 partner take them outside for 30 minutes while the other partner cleans, then the partners switch.

One final thought, what should be cleaned especially in spring?
1. Check those clothes.  Make sure they still fit and you still want them.  Donate those you don’t want to the Veterans or Salvation Army.
2. Switch clothes if you keep winter and spring/summer clothes in different locations.  Don’t put away what you can’t or won’t wear next season.
3. Clean under the bed and in the kitchen.  Get rid of those dust bunnies, the crumbs under the fridge and stove and other locations that you don’t check for dirt frequently.
4. Go through that bookshelf and see if there are books you could donate to your library.
5. Check the kitchen for pots and pans you don’t like or use that could be donated.
6. Clean up around the outside of your house. Organize the sticks into a pile or put them in a bin to get rid of, clean up around the flowers and make sure you’ve got gardening tools that still work and are usable.

Don’t forget to open your windows and let the fresh air in while you’re cleaning and stirring up all the dust!

Share your thoughts and ask your questions below!

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