Earth Friendly Family Fun

Earth Day is right around the corner!  Are you as excited as me?  Earlier this month I shared some gardening ideas for National Garden Month.  Today, in line with Earth Day 2011’s official theme, here are 22 ideas to help green the planet!

1 plant a tree

2 eat organic

3 eat local

4 eat less meat

5 turn off the lights when you leave the room

6 recycle as much as you can

7 avoid these 10 household products

8 tweet and post about it on your favorite social networks

9 bike or walk instead of taking a car

10 volunteer at a national or local park

11 organize a neighborhood clean-up

12 wash your laundry in cold water

13 turn off the water while you brush your teeth

14 buy items in bulk or those with less packaging

15 don’t buy small bottles of water

16 use rechargeable batteries

17 blog about ways to treat the earth better

18 turn off the water while you wash the dishes

19 donate to the Earth Day Network and other organizations helping the planet

20 turn down the heat/air conditioning, especially when you’re not home

21 use reusable bags at the grocery store

22 share your Act of Green!

What will you do as a family to celebrate Earth Day?  Share your ideas below!


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