Do you know that Sinking Feeling?

99 years ago an event happened that has been the source of countless speculations, multi-million dollar deals, and stories that last lifetimes.  That event was the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912.  This ship was built to last, designed to impress, and created to carry people across the Atlantic Ocean.  It was also thought to be unsinkable.  Obviously it was not. Its builders thought they had created a structure that was impervious, protected and sturdy.  However, things that couldn’t be planned for happened and the boat sank, taking with it over half of its passengers.

Why share about the RMS Titanic?  Because unfortunately there are businesses out there that are sinking just as fast as Titanic did.  So in honor of Titanic, here are 4 suggestions you can put into practice immediately that will help you save your business.

1-Social Media.  Yes, I know it takes a lot of work. and more time than many people want to put in.   While I do suggest that you post and tweet great content that is relevant to your business, my suggestion today is to spend 10 minutes a day on Twitter and 10 on Facebook looking at the pages you have liked or people you have followed and commenting on what they’re sharing.   Why?  Because when you give people what they want, they often will return the favor.  Maybe it will be a tweet to their followers that you’re really encouraging and that people should follow you.  Or an invitation to share a blog post or thoughts on Facebook with their community.  Or maybe you’ll just find a new friend.

2-Website.  If you don’t have one, contact me ASAP.  You’re really missing out on an easy way to help people find you.  Second, update that website and make sure that it is fresh, has up to date content and expresses you and your business to your ideal clients.  There are many tools out there that you don’t even need to have a web developer to have a decent (or even great) website.

3-Get help.  Ask your friends, family, coworkers (or ex coworkers), club members or neighbors to refer you to friends.  Make it easy for them and email them your information (name, number, website, what you do etc), and give them postcards or business cards with your information on them.

4-Learn.  Take an hour a day, or at least 30 minutes a day and spend time either listening to a seminar or reading a book about business.  In my business newsletter I share lots of free online seminars that you can listen to, and there are tons of great business and personal books that will give you an edge, grow your business and help you interact better with your clients.

What step will you take today to save your business from impending doom?  Share your thoughts or other ideas below.

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