A Weekend of Celebration

There are a couple of holidays happening today, Friday, and on Sunday.  These are Earth Day, Good Friday and Easter.  Whether you’re religious or green or not, I invite you to open your mind to celebrating these 3 events for reasons you may not have considered before.

Earth Day is the day that around the world people celebrate life.  We’re so fortunate to have a place to call home and live our lives.  Recently I saw something that worried me; I saw clouds that actually weren’t white as they got closer to the sun.  Rather they were made up of similar hues that you see when a car is leaking oil onto the parking lot, those metallic pinks, greens and oranges.  Seeing things like that, garbage at the sides of the road or seeing fewer trees should make you think twice about how you’re living your life, and how you’re caring for Earth.  So as you celebrate Earth Day, plant a tree, recycle some bottles and turn off the lights when you leave the room.  Do whatever you can to help the earth last for many generations to come.

Good Friday is the day that people remember a death.  Death isn’t often celebrated in American culture.  Other cultures around the world actually celebrate and go through elaborate rituals when someone dies.  It is a sad event when someone dies, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t feel sad when someone is no longer with you.  But take time to remember what you enjoyed about them, the celebrations you had together, the things that made them such a special person.  Plant a flower or tree in their honor, do artwork in their honor, set up a fund in their honor, scrapbook your memories with them, or hold a party celebrating their life.

Easter is the day that people celebrate hope for the future.  Right now if you look around the world there are plenty of signs that things aren’t going well.  Honestly, I believe that there is hope for a turnaround in the world.  I believe that with a little discussion, lots of effort and many changes, not only can we get the world out of debt, help significantly reduce unemployment and turn around the path to destruction that the Earth is taking.  Some of those changes will happen through the green movement.  Others will happen as more people become entrepreneurs and the rest of the old style of business comes crashing down or transform.  Everyone is responsible for what happens around the earth, in the country they live and in their own personal lives.

How are you preparing for the future?  Are you trying to relive the past?  Contributing to the destruction of the earth?  Or are you celebrating life, death and doing your part to create an amazing future?   Share your thoughts below.


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