Learning What to Let Go

The changes in the world and economy have encouraged, and sometimes forced, people to adopt frugality as a lifestyle.  At the very least, many people in the world have cut back on what they buy and how they spend their money.  In light of organizing and helping you choose what you can and can’t be selective about, here are 3 things to remember.

Know Thyself: Only you know if you will truly need those 40 shirts or if that’s just too many.  Only you know if you need to buy 3 bags of napkins or if one will do.  You know if you need pens in every color or if you only use 1 pen.  You have to know what you use frequently and what you will truly use in the future, not what you think you may use in the future.   Take deep breath and be honest with yourself about what is true for you and what you really need or want in your life.

You’ll go through seasons: There will be times that you need all 40 shirts, and other times you’ll need just 2.  There will be times when you need a storage space and others when you’re content to live with little.  Be patient with yourself whatever the season is and be prepared when the seasons change again.  If you’re in a season of needed a lot of things, you will need to spend more time organizing your space so that you don’t get overwhelmed by clutter.

There will always be more: The amazing thing about the world right now is that we’re actually in a world of abundance.  It may not seem like it to many people, but we do actually have great abundance around us.  You most likely will be able to replace whatever you choose to get rid of now.  And you may find that you didn’t even really need it (or like it) in the first place after you release it.  You will replace your clothing in your lifetime.  You’ll probably change your filing system a couple of times.  The world is full of innovations and options, so don’t worry about letting go of things that were amazing in your life if it has served its purpose.

Don’t forget to ask for help if you’re struggling!  It’s healthy to know when you just can’t do it alone. Share your thoughts or questions below.


One thought on “Learning What to Let Go

  1. Great post, Laura! It’s so real, and some really good points to take the edge off those stressful parts of facing the uncertainty of this economy. Thanks for posting it. Sharing it forward….

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