Collaboration vs Competition

Business has changed over the last few years.  We’ve seen the change of guard from the old style of big business to a new leaner, quicker business model.  We’ve also seen the transformation in advertising and change in how clients are making purchases.  One thing that is still in major transition is the concept of competition.  There are still many people and schools of thought around the need to beat similar businesses and conquer the market.  However, there are many of us in business who think that competition is going about business in all the wrong ways.  Today we’re discussing the concept of collaboration.

You probably can remember collaborating back in your school days when you would partner with a friend to do your homework and each would do half the work or each do part of the project so you would have less work to do.  Somehow between high school, graduating from college and joining the workforce, things became cutthroat and people turned into ladder climbing nuts.  Maybe you’re still one of those ladder climbers trying to be the best by knocking everyone around you off the ladder.  How does it feel?  Don’t just feel the instant satisfaction of winning, wait a moment and feel what’s behind the satisfaction.  My guess is there will be some regret, shame or even disgust at yourself.

That sickening feeling is one of the reasons I so fully support this movement from competition to collaboration.  Yes there will always be the drive to win, but that doesn’t mean that you have to bowl everyone over in the process.  So where can we collaborate, and why is it so important?

You can collaborate with advertising, you can collaborate with another business to offer better, more complete services to your clients, you can collaborate on Facebook and Twitter, you can collaborate at a conference, seminar or convention, and you can collaborate by sharing ideas that will help everyone win.

Finally, it’s so important because it creates win-win-win situations.  When you collaborate, everyone wins!  It’s creates great opportunities for both businesses and for the clients they work with.  And who doesn’t like winning, especially if everyone wins?

Have you done collaborations in business?  Share your ideas, tips and thoughts below.


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