What’s up with Social Media?

Social media is an ever evolving, changing and growing topic.  If you’re in business, are you on social media?  My recommendation for this is you must be on Facebook, should be on Twitter and should consider LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media channels, depending on your business.

Why?  Simply put, because it gives you the opportunity to get your message to a broader group of people. You’re in front of more people, and you’re in front of them largely for free.  But what do you share on these channels?


-Share about yourself.  Be personal and friendly, sharing a small peek into what goes on in your daily life.

-Highlight clearly what you do and who you are.  You may think it’s obvious what you do, but someone visiting your page for the first time wouldn’t.  Include relevant keywords for your business.

-Talk to and interact with others.  It is called social media after all.

-Tell people how you can help them.  This is where you can share a bit about your services, products and do some promotion.

-Share other people’s stuff.  Helping them get their message out is important too.

-Schedule your social media.  Whether you’ve got a team of people who sit around and manage your social media or it’s just you, I recommend that you schedule your posts.  You simply can’t be in front of the computer all day posting your tweets and posts and expect to get anything done.


-Share irrelevant stuff.  If you’re a mom, tweeting about parenting topics, don’t tweet about how drunk you got last night, unless it relates to a blog post you’re highlighting.

-Have Facebook update Twitter and vice versa.  Take the extra 30 seconds to create separate posts for each.  You’re not taking full advantage of either platform if you’re having one update the other.

-Have your blog post updates to Social Media.  Take the opportunity to personally tell your followers about the post.  Having the blog do it often creates disconnected or ineffective posts.

-Only sell/tell.  You must talk, RT and post on others posts.

-Only schedule your social media.  You’re a person and your fans expect you to be involved.  Spend 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, personally on the platforms you’re involved with and comment on and RT posts.

If you’d like to hear another perspective, here’s a post by my friend Joy about social media.  What questions do you have about social media, and what social media related topics would you like future blog posts to be about?  Share your thoughts below.

One thought on “What’s up with Social Media?

  1. Liked the “don’t” list. Some stuff I haven’t seen on the topic before. I think a lot of the don’ts we do revolve around our insecurity or anxiety about not getting out there enough. It takes trust and confidence to do the slower but more personal work of directly interacting. Thanks for the reminder!

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