Get Outside and Play!

How much time do you spend outside with the family? Next week, May 23-30, is National Backyard Games week.  Here are some of my favorite backyard games to get you inspired and outside having fun with the family.

Water balloons-fill up some balloons with water and have some cool fun!

Frisbee-whether it’s two of you or you have enough to play Ultimate Frisbee

Ghost in the Graveyard-play with a group of friends in the dark

Kick the Can-try this version of tag

Tag– try all the different versions of tag including regular tag, freeze tag, duck duck goose, ball tag, and many more

Steal the baconthis fun game is great for a bunch of players

Capture the flagthis was one of my favorite games growing up

Hide & seek-this is especially good for little ones

Scavenger hunt-this is a less physical game, but still lots of fun!

Mini Olympics-having a variety of games and activities is good those with short attention spans.

Obstacle course-this is tons of fun and you can get really creative with the obstacles!

Relay races-here are a couple fun ideas for relay races

And we can’t forget old favorites like soccer, baseball, football, basketball and catch.

What backyard game will you do with your family this weekend?  Share your stories below too!

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