What Kind of Teacher Are You?

There’s a lot of wisdom in the world.  Search “#quote” on Twitter or “inspirational quote” on the internet and you’ll come up with probably a million results.  Everyone has a bit of amazing wisdom that they can, and should, share with the world.  I love thinking about ways that I can help others to be better versions of themselves.  Recently I read a quote that got me thinking about what makes people effective teachers, and what I can do to be a better teacher, friend, individual, coach and bringer of hope.  The quote was:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ~William A. Ward

This inspiring bit of wisdom by Ward ultimately encourages us to be teachers at whatever level we can, and inspires us to always strive to be a better teacher. Let’s take a look at Ward’s 4 levels of teaching and how we can implement them in our lives to better help others.

If you’re at the telling stage you can write a book or blog that tells people how to deal with a problem or situation, or about your journey, share quotes on Twitter or Facebook or give people advice.  These aren’t bad things at all!  Rather, they’re an important step in your process of growing to be a better teacher.

When you begin explaining things, you help people understand the “why” behind what you’ve told them.  Offering an explanation to people can help them believe it more, be more willing to share it or give them the motivation to implement what you’re telling them in their lives.

Demonstrating is a powerful tool.  You can see people demonstrating that they know what they’re talking about throughout the personal growth and entrepreneurial industries, they’re having a lot of success and making great strides despite what people say about the world economy. They’re showing you what they’ve done to get where they are and have the breakthroughs they’ve had.  It’s one of the reasons that video is so popular right now because you can show people how to bake that cake or how to speed read.

When you get to the inspirational level of teaching, you don’t have to tell, explain or demonstrate.  Your life inspires others to live their own lives in a way that they’re making the impact that you do.  Great examples are Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela or even Oprah.  You’ve been telling, explaining, and demonstrating for long enough and well enough that you’ve become an inspiration to others.

Whether you inspire men, women, children, or any population from business owners to those with disabilities, you have a gift to give others.  By telling, explaining, demonstrating and finally living as an inspiration, you’ll be helping people find the strength within themselves to go out and be a teacher to people only they could reach.

What will you do today to uplevel your teaching?  Share your thoughts below.


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