Beginning with Passion

Happy June! I am so excited to announce our new topic for June: passion!  You’ll be hearing a lot about passion this month in my newsletters, blog posts on this blog and my spiritual/life perspective blog, on Twitter and Facebook.

Why passion?  First because there’s a lack of encouragement of passion in the mainstream world.  There are many leaders, both spiritual and in business, who are encouraging people to return to their passions and live their lives authentically.  But if you look around you and you’ll probably see some dis-passionate mothers, miserable employees, bored children and unfocused young people.


Because somewhere along the way passion became uncool.  It wasn’t good to be excited about your studies, it was strange for you to enjoy your job, and no stay-at-home moms could possibly be happy.  The truth??  All that is a lie.  Passion is just about the coolest and best thing there is. Truly passionate people are what makes the world go round.

When I think about some of my favorite people, companies and examples of passion, Zappos (they pay you to leave if you won’t be passionate about working with them), puppies (have you ever seen a puppy who wasn’t passionate about eating shoes or looking cute?), Sean Stephenson, Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, and those I’m featuring on my Feature Friday posts come to mind.

You’ll be hearing this month about a lot more that has to do with passion, but let’s start with you.  What are you passionate about? Think long, think hard; I would really like to know!


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