Fresh Eating

June has arrived!  I’m so excited to celebrate all the exciting things that happen in June like summer and Father’s Day!  One important thing to note is that June is fresh fruits and vegetables month.  So this month begin adding more fruits and vegetables to your eating habits, your body will thank you!

Let’s start with some basics.  You can always make a nice green salad and add tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables to it.  You can also eat lots of fruits and vegetables raw, it’s easy to pack a few carrots in a container, or take an apple or peach with you to work.  Most importantly, to save on your budget, choose fruits and vegetables that are in season.  You can also check out the fruit of the month. To make the most of your yummy fruits and vegetables, you can start with cooking them in healthy recipes.   You can also make dips to serve with your vegetables to add to their taste.  One of my favorites and a simple idea is to add a package of soup mix (Lipton or store brand) to a 16 oz container of sour cream (lite) and mix away!  You’ve got an easy dip that is better than ranch dressing or some of the other salad dressings available.

But I must admit, there are some yummy ideas that do more than just make the fruits and vegetables taste good, they make it look good too.  Don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting, share it with guests or your family!


Cinnamon anise poached pears; red, white and blue blueberry sundaes; grilled fruit kabobs with honey lime yogurt dip, pineapple coconut bites, honey lime melon, strawberry & watermelon Popsicles,


Summer pasta salads and cookout sides, salads, grilled vegetables, summer corn salad, grilled sweet potatoes.

What favorite vegetable and fruit recipes do you have?  How about a favorite fruit or vegetable?  Share your ideas below.


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