The Great Outdoors

We’re currently experiencing a heat wave where I live, so today’s post may not be what you’re thinking about doing.  Today, as part of great outdoors month, let’s talk about some of the things you can do outdoors as a family!

-go hiking

-go swimming

-go fishing

-go on swings

-go on a road trip (to an ice cream stand 🙂 )

-visit a national park

-go to a theme park

-go to the beach

-walk the dog

-go camping

-go on a picnic

-go geocashing

-fly a kite

-rent a boat

-make a fire and roast marshmallows

-go hang gliding

-go to the zoo


-visit a local fair

-farmer’s market or pick your own farm


-ride bikes

-play a sport

-go rock climbing

-do a scavenger hunt

-play Frisbee

-play with water balloons (don’t forget to pick up the pieces)

-go snorkeling

-go dolphin or whale watching

-count the stars

Stay tuned for some date night outdoor ideas in a couple weeks.

What other favorite family activities do you enjoy doing?  Share your ideas for great outdoor fun below!

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