Passion in Business

Too many businesses I run across these days are dead, lifeless and going nowhere.  I hope that your business isn’t lackluster, but if it is, you’ve come to the right place.

1-It may seem obvious, but you should really be interested in what you do!  You may say you are, but your grumpiness, lack of attention to customers and poor business decisions say otherwise.

2-Rediscover your passion. If you’ve been in business for a while, or you’re an entrepreneur doing everything for yourself, you may feel a little burnt out and far from what you’re passionate about.  Return to the essence of the business each week so that you don’t get burned out. If that’s a pet care business, play with the pets.  If it’s a creative business, create!  If you sell an item like shoes, look for new fun shoes to sell.

3-Cut down.  Sometimes what’s necessary is getting back to the core of your business.  Maybe you’ve been in business for several years and you’ve added other features, talents and options for people to invest in.  If you’re feeling scattered, it may be time to return to just that core essence of your business that you started with.

4-Really be interested in who you work with.  You may have started your business because of something you enjoyed doing, but now you’ve got clients and customers.  Make it your mission every day to be interested in them, in meeting their needs with what you enjoy doing.

5-Make adjustments to your business so you work with those you want to work with.  Maybe you’re feeling passionless because your clientele hasn’t been your ideal client.  The issue may not be the people, but how you’re telling people about what you do.  Freshen up your website and business model to reflect the client that you cater to.

6-Hire fantastic support staff and consultants.  Your business will loose steam quickly if your support staff isn’t good or don’t work well with you.  Avoid this in the first place by only hiring those who work well with you.  If you’re in a situation now with those you aren’t happy with, start by discussing the issues with them.  If they aren’t responsive and things don’t improve, begin looking for replacements.

7-Do something work-related each day that you enjoy doing.  It’s as simple as it sounds. Make time in your day, each day, to do something in your business that you enjoy.

8-Do a 180.  This is a scary one.  If you really can’t release that passion back into your business, maybe it’s time to start from scratch.  Start over building passion into your business model and your day to day activities.

These are just 8 thoughts on putting the passion back into your business.  Are you passionate about your business?  I would love to hear how you keep the passion alive!  Share your thoughts below.


One thought on “Passion in Business

  1. Yes x8! 🙂 Great tips. And I’d even add to doing what you love – do what you’re good at, things that reflect your strengths. You’ll love more those things you do well with relatively little effort!

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