Celebrating Dads

Sunday is Father’s Day!  Are you ready to celebrate the men in your life?  Last week I shared this fun blog post with some gifts, cards, food and fun that you can start with for your Father’s Day celebration.  Today I have a few ideas for you and a reflection on Dads for you to consider.

1~Go on an adventure.  Here are 40 great places around the USA that you could visit as a family.  Pick one close enough to you and it could be a fun weekend trip! Fun locations include gardens in South Carolina, blowing glass in Arizona, hunting for shark teeth in Alabama, Long Island lighthouses, a fun park in California, zip lining in New Hampshire, and much more!

2~Not sure what to get Dad?  Here’s a fun quiz that you can take for ideas on what to give Dad.  They have 4 clear categories they try to squeeze you into, but the results give you some good ideas.

3~Stay at home!  Yes, it’s true, I just suggested that you just stay at home on Father’s Day.  Why?  Because it will give you an opportunity to all be together.  Maybe make a meal together, do some activity like gardening together, or just hang out together and watch tv.  Taking a walk as a family or having takeout for dinner is a fun way to end the day at home too.

In all this talk about Father’s Day I want to recognize those of you who have a difficult situation with your Dad.  Dads are imperfect humans just like the rest of us, but it seems over the years they have lost a lot of the leadership and strength that they used to have.  So if your Dad isn’t the Dad you need, isn’t a good Dad or has never been there, my heart goes out to you.  Often I expand Father’s Day to include all men, because you probably do have men in your life who have stood in what should have been your Dad’s position over the years, or a brother who has been very supportive.  So take this opportunity to send them a card or gift and let them know how much you appreciate them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and plans for Father’s Day!  Share them below 🙂

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