Together Outdoors

Are you ready for date night?!  I am!  Here are a bunch of romantic ideas you can do outside, don’t forget the bug spray, sunscreen and your partner!

Roast marshmallows-how long has it been since you sat next to each other by a fire?

Rent boats-go kayaking, paddle boating or canoeing in a lake or river

Hike-ready for a workout and a great view?

Camping-send the kids to grandmas, and pitch that tent!

Get ice cream/frozen yogurt-when was the last time you sat quietly and shared some ice cream?

Baseball game-go team!  Work on your tan and root for your favorite team.

Picnic-yes, get out that basket and pack some sandwiches.  Take it to the beach, park or backyard alone.

Walk-every night could be date night with this idea!

Beach-walk, swim, sleep and play!

Bike-bike to an ice cream shop, or just around your neighborhood

Frisbee-who tosses better, you or your partner?

Count the stars-can’t find a sitter? This might be the way to go.  Put the kids to bed and sneak outside.

Watch the sunrise with brunch or sunset with drinks-grab some blankets and go to a scenic spot.

Wash the car-you’ve probably  forgotten how much fun it can be to get wet together!

What other fun outdoor date ideas do you have? I’d love for you to share your ideas, and memorable dates, below.

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