Sharing the Good Stuff in Business

One question that is asked a lot is “What am I supposed to share in my business on Twitter, Facebook, in blogs, on my website…”  Here’s my list of 13 things you can share.  But be warned: not all ideas are good for all businesses!  What is good for one mortgage business for example, may not be good for another.

1 inspirational, motivational quotes

2 creative ideas

3 current projects

4 blog posts

5 articles

6 tips

7 spiritual verses

8 resources

9 ask questions

10 events-either those you’re attending or those in your industry

11 about people- success stories, employees, clients, customers

12 about you

13 your services/what you do

Three other keys:

1-whatever you share must be relevant to your business and your fans!  Not just anything you can get your hands on.

2-you must comment on other people’s content.  We’re in a social age, don’t expect them to comment on your stuff if you don’t comment on their stuff.

3-re-purposing content is a great idea.  But do your fans and clients the respect of altering it slightly between locations, using the smallest amount of detail on Twitter, more detail and information on Facebook, and the most on your blog and website.

What are you sharing in your business right now and is it working to connect you with your clients?  Is something you’re sharing not on my list?  Share your questions and thoughts below.


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