Living the Satisfied Life

What satisfies you?  You know, those moments when you sigh, and feel content in life?  We live in a society where being satisfied is something everyone wants but no one gets.  Why?  Because no one stops long enough to discover what they actually have and if they are content with their life as it is.  Many people go from one job to another, relationship to relationship, location to location only to discover that they aren’t satisfied no matter what they do.  So they keep going and going and eventually they die unsatisfied with their life.

What’s the lesson here?  The truth is that satisfaction is a moment to moment choice.  You will never be satisfied with your life and who you are if you don’t stop and choose to be.  I may not be a millionaire (yet) but I am satisfied with making twice as much as I made a year ago.  Does that mean I don’t try to achieve dreams that are bigger than where I am right now?  No!  It means that I take the time to appreciate where I am and what I have.  It means I don’t go to bed at night mad that I didn’t get another client today, but thankful for the client I was with.

Being satisfied is a choice.  I choose that I will be satisfied with what I have and where I am, but I will never give up my dreams and become complacent.  Yes there’s a fine line there, and each person must decide where they can stand on that line without jeopardizing their future.

Being satisfied also means accepting your failures, learning from them and putting changes in place so that you won’t keep replicating your failures.  You can be satisfied at the end of the day, even if you experienced a big failure, if you have your plan in place that will help you do something different tomorrow.

What about you?  Are you satisfied with your life?  Does something need to change for you to be satisfied or are you just not choosing to be satisfied?  Share your thoughts below.

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