Need Money? Get Organized!

Summer is the perfect time to organize your home!   Why? Because you can sell everything you don’t want at a garage sale!  It’s not only a great way to get some money, but also great motivation to clean out your home.  Where should you start?

Start with the obvious.  Typical items include tables and furniture, chotchkies, kitchenware, tools, books and toys.   Put these items in one location for the sale, maybe your garage for a week or so until you have the sale.  If you can put items in a box for safekeeping until the sale, do so.

Then go to the less obvious. Go through storage closets, the attic, under your beds, in the garage and in the basement.  This will take longer, but you’ll probably find some great gems to sell.

Finally go through your clothes.  Clothes are usually harder to sell at garage sales, unless you have something really great.  But, even if you can’t sell all the clothes you want to get rid of, you can donate them to an organization like Vietnam Veterans.

If you really want to make your garage sale a success you can ask your neighbors to have a garage sale the same weekend!  Once you’ve had your successful garage sale, donate whatever you didn’t sell.  Then you’ll be ready to finish organizing what you have left in your closets and around the house and maybe even buy some new things with the money you’ve earned like a closet organization system or some new storage-friendly furniture.  Happy selling!

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