Ingenuity and Suggestions

It’s a lot of fun being an entrepreneur, we get to schedule our own day, pick our own hours, work with the clients we want to work with and help as many people as we can.  One of the best aspects, and sometimes most challenging is well captured by George Smith Patton:

“Never tell people how to do things.  Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” George Smith Patton

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have some people, potential clients, come to you and “suggest” how they would like you to complete their project.  It is very important to listen to what they’re saying and really hear them out.  Ask follow up questions to help get a good picture of what they’re really looking for, what their company is about and what they’re looking for from your services.  Why?  Because they may think they want one thing, but their answers to your questions may tell you something else.

After getting the big picture and a glimpse of the small picture in addition to their “suggestions” go ahead and do what you do best.  Write up, draw up, or create a couple of options for them.  One that includes their “suggestions”, and a couple that you put together based on what they told you and your creative genius.  Hopefully they’ll like what you’ve come up with because it better captures their business and what they need than what they told you.

Go ahead, surprise someone this week with how amazing you are.  It’s a lot of fun for you, and they will hopefully be pleasantly surprised by what you offer.

I’d love if you shared your stories of “suggestions” and how you turned it around below.

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