Going on a Picnic to…

It’s July!  You’ve probably got some fun vacations planned already, but if you don’t here are a couple of family-fun picnic ideas!

At the pool:
Don’t just bring some snacks, bring an actual lunch that you can spread out on a fun beach blanket beside the pool (it will make your day at the pool a little longer :)).

At a friend’s house:
Grab your lunches and head over to have lunch on a friend’s lawn.  The kids will have fun trading snack and playing a game of tag or baseball afterwards.

On a hill:
Go for that hike you’ve been talking about and bring a picnic lunch to eat at your destination while looking at some beautiful scenery.

At a ghost town:
Don’t go trespassing, but if you have a ghost town near you, it might be fun to eat your picnic lunch where people used to eat their lunches or do their work.

Botanical garden:
There are lots of beautiful gardens that are open to the public.  You can either plan for a whole day including time to explore the gardens or just plan to eat lunch among the roses.

An Island:
Row out to an island in the middle of a lake, pick a big rock and enjoy your delicious lunch on your own private island.

The Beach:
Nothing says summer like bringing your picnic lunch to the beach!  Look out for seagulls that would be happy to eat your lunch for you though!

What about you?  Where did you have a great picnic?  I invite you to share your memories below.

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