Living the Creative Life

One aspect of my life that I would never want to give up is creativity.  I absolutely thrive on writing, mixing colors, drawing, sewing and just being creative in general.  I also love being creative when I organize, create a social media plan, write a devotional or help a client figure out what’s going on in their life.

It’s not just my life that I love is creative, I love meeting other creative individuals.  My Feature Friday blog posts on my creative blog showcase some of those individuals.  Many people tell me they aren’t creative individuals, and I have to disagree.  Everyone is creative in one shape or form, they just may not recognize it as creativity.  Whether you’re looking for your creative passion or just want to include more creativity in your life, here are 4 ideas.

Have a hobby
If you don’t already have a hobby like fishing, scrapbooking, making furniture, cooking or crafting, it’s time to get one!  Not only will it help you stay sane and balanced through tough times, you’ll also feel more complete as a human when you’re able to put your passion into the hobby.

Raise creative kids
If you’re a parent, this is a must.  We’re raising our kids by TV, sports and video games, and not encouraging book reading, outdoor adventures and creative interaction like painting and other arts.  As I’ve said many times before, TV, sports and video games are not the enemy.  Not having balance in your life is.  Getting your kids involved with creative pursuits will actually give them a better chance of being successful throughout life because creativity does great things for the brain.

Be passionate about your work
It’s hard to be excited about pushy customers, typing  or calculating numbers, believe me, I know.  That’s where your can-do attitude and creative spirit comes in.  Challenge yourself to make work bearable, and if you just can’t, get a different job or start a business that you’ll actually enjoy.

Take advantage of creative opportunities in your life
When an opportunity appears at work to be creative, take it!  When your church or community group asks for volunteers or coordinators, try it.  When you’ve got the opportunity to help a friend figure out what’s going on, help them.  Put your talents and abilities to creative use.

What about you?  What do you do creatively that makes your life special?  I’d love to hear your suggestions, you can share them below.


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