The Secret of Happiness

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” Leo Burnett

Life is all about secrets, think about the book that made major headlines and still is transforming lives.  Nature itself has many secrets that have kept us guessing throughout the ages.  But to many the biggest secret of all is happiness.  Where is happiness?  How do we find happiness?  Is there such a thing?  Do we create our own happiness?  What is happiness anyway?

I think that Leo Burnett has stumbled upon a bigger secret than most; the secret of curiosity.  Curiosity is the secret to creativity, the secret to staying young and living long, and perhaps even the secret to happiness.

So how can we incorporate the secret of curiosity into our lives?  We can ask our coworkers to explain things to us, talk with other professionals about what they do, visit businesses like cafes and restaurants just to see how they do things, try new foods, meet new people, spend time discovering spirituality and cultures, and of course, be creative!

Why does curiosity work so well to help us discover happiness? Because the more you experience, the better chance you’ll have of discovering yourself and what makes you happy.  Happiness will be elusive until you learn who you are, because happiness is subjective to each of us; we each have our own specific definition of happiness.  How I define happiness may be completely different than yours, but we can both do creative things, speak with tons of people and travel to distant lands together and discover our own definitions of happiness.

So what about you?  What would make you happy this month, this week, today, or even right now?  I invite you to share your thoughts below.

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