What’s on top?

July is National Ice Cream month!  I’m super excited.  What’s your favorite?  I enjoy many varieties of ice cream from coconut and chocolate chip to peach and cookie dough.  One of my favorite aspects of ice cream is putting on the toppings! Whether you like home-made ice cream, low fat or good old Breyers, here are some of the top ice cream toppings that can bring the whole family to the table.

toasted coconut



heath bar



almond biscotti

amaretti cookies

chopped toasted almonds


rainbow decors

chocolate sprinkles/jimmies

mini candy-coated chocolates

maraschino cherries

hot fudge




marshmallow crème

jarred dulce de leche

chocolate-covered raisins or almonds

candied ginger

lemon or orange peels

honey berry puree

peach praline


Teddy Grahams

vanilla wafers

oatmeal cookies

animal crackers

butterscotch chips

chocolate chips

peanut butter chips

toffee chips

crushed pretzels

mini marshmallows

sweet sherry sauce

crushed peppermint

rhubarb blackberry compote

caramel apple

cinnamon chocolate sauce

cherry chocolate sauce

tart cherry sauce

butterscotch sauce

caramel sauce

What about you?  What’s your favorite topping?  I’d love to hear your favorites, and any suggestions I missed, below.

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