Simplify Your Life

If you’re struggling with clutter and piles, here are some tips to simplify your life.

-buy slowly

-schedule in time to get organized each week

-pay your bills immediately

-empty your trash daily

-throw out old magazines and newspapers

-keep things in 1 place, not 6, around your house

-sell or donate books, CD’s and clothes you don’t use or like

-if you get something new, get rid of something old

-ask for help

-donate all food you won’t eat (and is still good) to a food pantry

-get rid of duplicates (kitchen tools, supplies) that don’t get used more than twice a year

-work towards financial independence, not struggle.  Get a second job, sell things on Ebay and Etsy, work in a career that you enjoy and will increasingly bring you more income.

-rethink where you live. Maybe it’s time to grow larger or downsize

-evaluate what you’ve committed your time and energy to.  Do you really want to do that activity for that long?

-learn to say no

-establish good routines and habits that will help you enjoy life and not hurt you

-simplify your goals.  Not only should you know what your goals are, you should have more clarity than just “I want to make a lot of money.”

If you still aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions: Do I need it? Is it something I’ll use often? Would a used item suffice?  What is the most sustainable option?  Am I falling prey to consumerism?  Will it last? Could I make it myself?

What questions do you have about simplifying life? Share them below.


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