Real Leadership

If you live in the US you’ve seen some poor examples of leadership over the last couple of decades, and especially over the last few weeks.

So what does a good leader look like?  They…

Lead with Purpose

Are Big Picture Thinkers

Have Values (and stick to them)

Are Real (no double lives here)

Love Teamwork

Are Realistic (not dreamers and not pessimists)

Have Experience

Get things done

Are Servants

Encourage Others

Keep Learning

Are Communicators

Build Relationships

Appreciate Others

I could keep going with this list but if you worked on just one each month, you’ve got 14 months (over a year!) of work ahead of you.  Leadership isn’t created in a day, and while you may be born with some leadership talents, even the greatest leaders are still learning how to be better leaders.

I encourage you to take a close look at yourself and your work.  Are you a good leader or do you have a lot of improving to do?  Take this week to focus on discovering where you are as a leader and then beginning next week work on the leadership quality above that you need to improve on most.

I’d love to hear which aspect you’re going to work on, feel free to share your thoughts below.


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