Peaches for the whole Family

In August we celebrate peach pie day, but I think peaches are one of the best summer fruits.  Here are some delicious ideas for whole family fun and eating with peaches.


Peach shake, fruit pancakes, peach jam, peach and french toast, blueberry peach focaccia.


Peach salsa, peach tart, peach lemonade.


Fish Tacos with peach salsa, barbecued chicken breasts with spicy peach glaze, ginger peach glazed chicken, chicken and peach wontons, pulled pork and peaches, peach glazed pork chops, black rice with peaches and peas, tilapia with peach BBQ sauce, striped bass with corn, peaches and figs.


Peach praline sundae, peach blossom tart, peach compote, peach cobbler, peach pie with crumbs, peach margarita, peach granita, peach and blackberry muddle, blackberry peach trifle, peach icebox cake, white peach sherbet, peach gingerbread, tropical peach cobbler, summer peach pie twisters, peach pie pops, peaches and cream oatmeal cookies.

What about you?  Are you a peach fan?  What delicious peach recipes have you made?  I’d love to hear your ideas below.


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