Back to School Already?

It seems like school is just around the corner!  Ease the transition for your kids with these fun ideas.

Playing games can be fun and educating:

Practice your math with a beach ball, play air golf, captain’s calling, sidewalk skellzies, 15 seconds of fame, go on a treasure hunt or open your own diner.

Making food is another great way to teach your kids different kinds of math:

Try these ideas: pencil cake, sandwich on a stick, date nut bars, curried chicken salad, banana chocolate chip muffins, and taco roll-ups.

Do some crafts to help your kids get ready for school:

Tote-ally cool, homemade school carryall tins, velvet journal, pencil buddies, magazine bead bracelet, cereal box tote bag, easy weave newsprint basket, matchbox locket.

If you’re in a really homework mood, you can do some of these more school related activities.

What about you?  What have you done with your kids to help them get ready for school?  Share your ideas below.


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