Whole Living: Having it All

It’s funny because I know many people are told that if you have this thing or that thing you’ve got it all.  But the truth is in 2011 we can’t focus on having just one thing.  Without being selfish, can I say that I want it all?

I want…

A real, honest relationship with God

A thriving, satisfying relationship with my partner

Friends I can talk with and learn from

Clients I can inspire and encourage

Children of my own that fill me with joy

Delicious and healthy food each day

Time spent outside in nature every day

Moments that take my breath away

Do I have all that I want?  No, I don’t, not yet anyway.  But I’m ready to embark on a new challenge: the ‘what if’ challenge.

What if…

God chose to bless me in amazing ways every day?

I found new ways each day to be in touch with my partner?

I had friends that loved me and supported me?

I had an abundance of clients who in turn shared their gifts with other people?

I had beautiful and happy children?

Everything I ate was delicious and healthy?

Nature found me in new ways each day?

Each moment was more amazing than the last?

What if your life was as amazing, blessed and thriving as you always dreamed it would be?  I would love to hear your “wants” and “what if’s,” and I would be thrilled if you would join me in choosing to look for the “what if’s” in life.  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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