For the Money

Recently I featured Stained Glass artist Michelle as a Feature Friday contributor.  One thing she said caught my attention and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it.  Michelle said,

“So now, once again God has led me to do something I never dreamed of — own and run my own business.  Right now I’m wearing all the hats: designing, marketing, creating, shipping, accounting, buying supplies and more, but my husband and kids have been so supportive.  We have had some big financial needs, which led me down this path, using the talents I have...”

What if the smartest decision you could make was to do what Michelle, myself and countless other individuals have done, start a business?  What if using your talents was the best way to meet your big financial needs?

While you shouldn’t start a business solely for the purpose of making money, it is one aspect that you should take into consideration.  I believe a business starts from talents, inspiration or meeting a need that isn’t being met in the world or community.   A by-product of starting a business, especially one that is based on your talents and a need in the world, is that you should make good money!  Maybe initially you won’t make as much as you would’ve with a traditional job, but over time having your own business means that you will have a better opportunity to make more money and help more people than you would at a job.

What about you?  Can I encourage you to consider starting a business?  Start part-time and see how you like it.  If you’ve got questions or concerns, I’d love to help you think them through.  Send me a message through my website or ask your question below.

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