Fall Friendships

As fall approaches and a new school year as well, I thought  it would be helpful to share some tips for making friends.  After all, with a new school year not only do the kids have an opportunity to meet new kids, you as a parent will also be introduced to many new parents and potential friends too.

Personally I think that food is one of the best and easiest ways to make friends with someone.  Not only can you share something tasty, it’s an instant point of connection and conversation starter.  You’ll either be known as the person who makes the best food, or the kid with the coolest parents.

Be Positive:
I must admit that I like making friends with positive people.  You don’t have to be bubbly and over-the-top about it, you just need to not be negative all the time.  If you hang out with positive people, you’ll also be a positive person, you’ll have a better outlook on the world and you’ll make friends easier.

Get Out There:
I’m not one for hitting the bars or (I’ll be honest) networking meetings.  For those of us who don’t enjoy things like that, try workshops, courses or volunteering.  I’ve met some of the most interesting and awesome people while doing volunteer work.  The best thing is that I’m almost positive they’ll be interested in what I’m interested in because they’re there.

Start with something like Twitter or Facebook to meet people and learn people skills.  I’m not saying that people you meet there aren’t real people and you shouldn’t consider them as “real” friends, actually I have made some great friendships through the social networks.  But it’s a lot easier to be yourself when you’re working through a computer and not in person (they can’t laugh at you when you spill your drink or wear something that totally clashes).

Be you and be open!  This is the best, and hardest, advice I can share.  If you don’t know who you are, it will be hard to put yourself out there to meet new friends.  You must be yourself, and you must limit, put away and ignore your judgments of people when you’re meeting for the first time.

Oh, and one more thought: remember it’s all supposed to be FUN!

I hope this helps you get started this fall, I’d love to hear your tips for making new friends too.  Share them below.


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