The Action of Whole Living

“Commitment ignites action.”

This great quote I found while considering what whole living had to do with our theme this month, commitment.  Are you feeling alive, on purpose and driven about anything?  No?  Maybe that’s because you’re not committed to anything!

What am I committed to?  I’m committed to sharing hope, showing people possibilities, sharing ideas and helping people live the amazing life that’s possible in 2011.  How do you know I’m committed to this?  Because I blog (3 times a week on 3 blogs), share inspirational, personal thoughts on Facebook and Twitter and started and run 3 businesses helping individuals, families and businesses live incredible, successful, whole, happy, fulfilling lives doing what they do best.

Why am I committed to taking action on those things?  Because I see so many unhappy and unsuccessful people and businesses that have so much untapped potential, who are living as victims or because of things they weren’t aware of-and that’s simply not right.

It all starts with a passion.  When you’re able to live your passions and are committed to them, you’ll see many pieces of your life fall into place.   What are you passionate about? Are you passionate enough to make a commitment to your passion and start living in a way that impacts others positively? If so, I’d love for you to share your passions, commitments and actions below.

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