The Core of Commitment

This month we’ve been talking about commitment.  We’ve talked about commitment igniting action, commitment to your business and life,  some things you can be committed to, and being committed to who you are.  When it comes down to what commitment is, commitment is all about people.  Behind each and every commitment are people.

‘Of course there are!’  I can hear you saying.  Let’s get some perspective for a minute.  You can talk about politics and say it’s all about the money.  You can look at a painting and only see paint and brush strokes.  You can look at your dinner and only see food.  You can be in a business and make decisions based on strategic advantages.

But when you make a decision, a commitment, it becomes about you, the person.  It’s about your beliefs and views, your hopes, dreams, knowledge, and the people in your life.  It becomes personal.

What I don’t think we realize, or admit, is that when you make a commitment, when I make a commitment, it affects more people than just us.  One’s commitment to junk food means more expensive healthy food.   One’s commitment to throwing out everything affects their green neighbor.  A politician’s commitment to big businesses affects common citizens.  One’s commitment to poor parenting affects their child’s life.  Now, I’m not criticizing every commitment here, I’m just pointing out that any and all commitments you make have an affect on someone else.

This week before you make a commitment or decision I encourage you to stop and think about who will be affected by your commitment.  You’re never alone in your commitments.  If you’ve got some practical examples you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them below.

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