What is Success?

As a new school year has started many people are talking about having a successful year in school.  This is a topic that is often discussed by businesses too.  Most likely at some point in time while you were starting your business you asked “will I succeed?”  Maybe you’re still asking “When will I be successful?” and waiting for the success to happen.

Maybe the issue is your definition of success.  This week I read a blog post by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine that addressed the definition of success well:

“We see success as more than rank, fame, fortune and material goods. A successful person, by our definition, is one who has achieved five pillars of excellence: business, well-being, relationships, wealth and contribution. We call this “whole-life success,” and one who has achieved it has attained a life of significance.”

Are you achieving any of those 5 pillars?  If you’re striving to build only one of them up, you won’t be able to achieve success.  Pillars of a building are designed to work together to support the structure.  Your success in any one area depends on the other areas.  And even if you do manage to create business success without achieving any of the other pillars, one day you’ll realize that you’re missing out and you’ll wish you had made different decisions.

Where are you on your journey to success?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about what success means to you and how you’re getting there below.


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