Whole Living: a Peaceful Perspective

This week we’ve got two important celebrations on the 21st-World Gratitude Day and the International Day of Peace.  While I don’t think that peace will be achieved in one day, that one day is a point of encouragement and inspiration to help spur on the development of peace and gratitude around the world.

So where does peace fit in your life?

If you’re laughing right now thinking that peace doesn’t fit in your life, maybe that’s because you’re working on the wrong things in life.  If your goal is for happiness, you may not get peace.  If your goal is to have the most money, you may not get peace.  But then again, happiness and money may bring you peace.

What does this have to do with peace in your life?  Well, peace can’t be achieved, it has to be.  Peace is a way of living each and every day, it can’t be reached one day and not attended to the next.  If we want a world, or even a life, of peace it will take commitment every day to make peace be a reality.

Peace isn’t a blissful state where everyone sits on clouds with harps playing the same song-it’s a world that has learned how to coexist together, live together, work together, play together and dream together each and every day.   This week I hope you’ll join the movement-do something each day that will help bring your life and the world a little closer to peace and coexistance.


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