Why be Grateful at Work?

Why be grateful at work or in business?  Here are just a couple ideas to help you understand the value of being grateful at work (as well as in life).

-you’re more agreeable (and I’d rather buy/sell with someone who’s agreeable)

-people like to be around you more (more people = more exposure = more potential clients)

-better attitude (Scrooge may have sold movies, but I doubt he did well as a salesman)

-fans, subscribers, clients, customers like to be appreciated (Don’t people light up when you say “thank you”?)

If you’re worried that stopping long enough to be grateful for what you’ve accomplished will make you stop making progress or become stagnant, stop worrying.  Stopping to be grateful is healthy, your work will still be there in 2 minutes after you take time to be grateful.

Mother Theresa said “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”  Will you share some appreciation with someone today?  I’d love to hear what you do in your life and business to be grateful!  Share your thoughts below.


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