Encouraging School Success

Parents, you’re already into the new school year, but let’s talk about how you can help your kids make this year the best-no matter what happens.

1-feed them well

2-encourage them with homework

3-help your kids study

4-encourage friendships

5-encourage creativity

6-make time for family

7-sleep should be a priority

8-communciate!  Staying in the loop of information, responsibilities, requirements and feelings will help the family and classroom run smoother.

The important thing to remember is that both parents and teachers need to follow these 8 tips too!  Take time to care physically, mentally, and emotionally for yourself, as well as doing what you can to support either the parents or the teachers.  If your kid brings in an apple for lunch, send one for the teacher too.  While your kids are doing homework, have a book or work to do at the same time.  Teachers can send home parental support tips and resources to help the parents both work with them and be better parents.

What about you?  What tips do you have for success this school year?

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