Living with Dedication

We’re getting close to the end of September and to a new month and new theme.  This month’s discussion on dedication has challenged me to open my eyes and life to the possibilities and really focus my dedication on doing things right, and not necessarily in the order I think they should or could be done in.

Does being flexible mean that I’m not really dedicated?

I don’t think so.  I think that if you’re really dedicated to something, you’ll do just about whatever it takes to make that thing happen.  Let’s talk about a few examples:

-you can be dedicated to making money, but you can make money by selling things online, having a job, or owning a business.

-you can be dedicated to helping starving children in NYC, but you can donate food, do a fundraiser and donate money, or donate your time and work at a soup kitchen.

-you can be dedicated to being the best parent, but you can be married, single, re-married, divorced, work with a therapist/coach or you can send your kids to afterschool/daycare.

Take a moment to consider what you’re dedicated to.  Are you completely fixated on how you live out that dedication or are you willing to approach it a different way?  This week I encourage you to try something new.

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