4 Organized Steps to Less Frustration

Fall has arrived, the leaves are starting to fall and we’re all transitioning from summer to fall, and preparing for winter too. This week is known around the USA as “Get Organized Week”.  While getting organized is often a daunting task, attending to these 4 things on a daily, weekly or monthly basis will help keep the disorganization and frustration at a minimum.

1-bills.  Paying bills is a fact of life, so rather than make it more difficult for yourself, pick one day each week to pay your bills.  Once a month you should also go through receipts and other financial records to help yourself when tax season arrives (I use an Excel document to help me keep track of everything).

2-mail. This is one of the biggest piles that I find in homes.  You’ve got to have 1 location where you keep and put all the mail each day and you’ve got to go through it every week.  You can pick your favorite TV show to watch while you’re sorting, shredding and reading the mail each week.

3-refrigerator.  Also go through your refrigerator on a weekly basis.  Just know what’s in there, you don’t have to go crazy cleaning it.  At least once per month you should go through and make sure that all the old food and stuff you’re not going to use again is thrown out.

4-master bedroom.  Why the master bedroom?  Because I’m a big supporter of healthy relationships and your relationship can’t be very healthy if you’re living, loving and learning amidst piles of clothes, papers and other assorted items from around the house.  Invest in a good laundry sorting system and try not to let the crap accumulate.  Each day put the laundry where it goes and each month do a good clean out.

If you don’t want to deal with this or are stopped by overwhelm, don’t worry.  There are lots of people around the US who can help you get organized, and keep you organized. If you’re in Northern New Jersey, and would like help you can get in touch with me.  If you’re not, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page and ask me your challenging organization questions; I’d be glad to give you some pointers.


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