Frugal Family Fun

Family and fall are two awesome things, but what happens when funds get in the way of your fun?  Here are 10 frugal and fun ideas and 10 destinations and trips to help you have fun but stay in budget.


-use what’s in nature.  With a little string, water, leaves, branches, rocks and flowers you’ll be surprised what kinds of fun the kids can have.

-use what you get. If you’re a savvy saver you’ve probably got boxes coming in from amazon and other websites.  You can use those boxes in fun creative projects like robots and castles.

-you can keep magazines too, they’re tons of fun to look through and can be used for many creative purposes.

-have the kids help with dinner and other meals.

-play dough can be made at home with some easy to find ingredients, and your choice of coloring.  chalk and bubbles are easy to make at home

-family sleepover movie night

-in house/yard treasure hunts


-use old clothes to create purses, pillows, storage and more

-use the kids artwork as decorations around their room, no expensive decorations needed!

Destinations & Trips:

-your local library (one of my favorites)

-volunteer for a local soup kitchen or other non profit organization

-go to local parks with a ball or Frisbee and a picnic lunch

-take walks in your neighborhood and hike nearby hills

-apple picking is a great fall activity but you can pick other great foods all year long

-yard sales are a lot of fun for kids and parents.  See what treasures you can find that turn into great activities for the kids

-if you do a road trip, bring along a homemade checklist of things for the kids to look for as you drive around and stop at strange little roadside restaurants.

-walk around the mall

-state parks are often an inexpensive way to visit, and educational too!

-relative’s houses are usually free and it’s great to give your kids an opportunity to connect with grandparents and cousins.

That’s my list of great places to go and things to do, what are your favorite inexpensive ideas?


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