Fall Changes

In business just like in fall we have changes to deal with.  Some changes are easier to make than others.   The trees know exactly when to change the colors of their leaves, but how should we know when to change and when not to change?

-Money: If you’re not making money in your business something has to change.  You can make a change in fees, change what you’re doing completely, or just change how you’re selling what you do.

-Mission: If what you’re doing doesn’t line up with your mission, vision or your passions anymore, you’re definitely in need of a change.  I believe that businesses who stay true to a mission or vision have a much better chance of success because they show customers what they’re really about.  If you don’t stay true to that mission you’ll struggle to connect with your customers.  And if you’re not passionate about what you do, don’t expect customers to be either.

-Need Changes: Years ago cassette tapes were the way everyone listened to music, but now we have digital files and no longer need cassettes.  When the need passes, you need to adapt, or change to something else.

-Education: When you learn something new that really impacts your customers or how you do business you should implement changes.  Learning is essential to health and your customers deserve the best. Don’t hold back on what you’ve learned just because you don’t want to change your business.

-Seasons: As things change in nature, things should change in your business.  You won’t do a snow shoveling contest in summer and won’t send umbrellas home as door prizes in the winter.  Use the season changes to your advantage, not against you.

With the fall changes there should be changes in your business.  Why not try a seasonal offering, or learn something new that could benefit your customers immensely?  You may be surprised how much your clients actually like the changes.

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