Do You Dream about Your Business?

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.”  William Longgood

As we head into the end of this year it’s a good time to start reflecting on what this year has been for your business.  Hopefully you’ve had a successful year, a year with much profits, great customers and insight as to what your business can do for the community.

So let’s start with the easy question: are you happy with how the year went? 

I hope so, I hope that the pros outweigh the cons, that you had more successes than failures and that you feel good about the work you’ve done.

And now the hard question: what are your goals for next year? 

It’s essential to have goals, not only so you know what to aim at, but so you also can make a plan and live life on purpose rather than taking blows as they come.  As for your business, if you don’t have goals your success won’t be nearly as much as it could be if you have goals and a plan to reach them.

So what goals should we set?  The first one that probably comes to mind is financial.  You’ll want to make more money, or start to make money from an existing stream of income that isn’t very profitable right now.  The next one is getting more clients.  After all, usually more clients means more money.  A third goal would be around your growth and direction as a company.  You’re hopefully one year into your 5 year plan, are you on track for the next 4, and beyond?  Finally, your goal for personal growth.  Your company is only as good as it’s leader, so you need to be setting goals for personal growth too.

Once you’ve written those goals down, stop and dream about the possibilities.  Imagine all the different ways you could go about those goals and the different ways that you can help other people.  Once you’ve come up with several big picture ideas as well as several “reaches”, start planning how you’re going to reach those goals.  Set up a plan that’s easy to follow and will get you the results you want.

So, just to get you thinking, what’s your big dream for next year?

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