Family Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here!?  This year it seems to have snuck up on us.  I think it’s really important for families to focus on being thankful and sharing thanks with each other.  So often you just hear cursing, fights and unhappiness that we forget that there’s a whole other side to life.  Yes, life has it’s challenges, and always will, but I think with a little effort we can all incorporate more thankfulness into our lives.

-Make a “Garland of Gratitude.” You can do this all year long, changing the garland to be seasonally appropriate (snowflakes in January, hearts in February, clover leaves in March, rain drops in April, spring things in May etc. ) If you’re not keen on a garland, try a tree, sunflower or turkey.

-Have a jar where you write on slips of paper what you’re thankful for throughout the year.  Each Thanksgiving when you get together as a family you can open the jar and read all the things you were thankful for that year.

-Ask your family members at dinner or before bed.  It’s much easier to get into the habit of being thankful if you make time to be thankful.  By talking about being thankful and what you’re thankful for each day it will be easier to be thankful and you may even have kids running in from school saying “Mom, Mom! Guess what I’m thankful for today?!”

There’s only one right answer to being thankful, and that’s as often as you can be.  What are you thankful for today?

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