Thankful in Business

One of the biggest steps I took in life was to start a business.  Every day that I don’t have to go work for a company where all the employees are unhappy, I’m thankful.  I’m thankful that I am blessed to choose my clients, and am given the opportunity to bless their lives.  I’m thankful each time my phone rings and another order has come in.  I’m thankful each day that I get to get up and not have to join other people on the backed-up highways.  I’m thankful to be in charge of my future.

But just like with anything else there are challenges.  Running my own business has actually turned those challenges into new opportunities to be thankful!  I get to be creative and learn how to work thorough the ups, downs and obstacles in life and business.

I’m sure that like me you’re thankful to run your own business too.  So this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to do something for your customers and clients that shows them you’re thankful for them too.  You could add an option to gift wrap items as well as an option for engraving or personalization for holiday gifts to help make their holidays a little easier.  Also doing a little something special for regular customers is a way to show them how thankful you are for them like little presents or even just a thank you card or email.  They’ll appreciate being appreciated!

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