Spicing Up Holiday Romance

The holidays make it difficult to get any alone time, let alone a chance to have a real date.  We’re so busy with holiday foods, decorations, parties and gifts that relationships take a back seat in November and December.  So what can you do to spice up a little holiday romance?

Make a 24 days of Christmas calendar: not a traditional one, but one that has little gifts for your spouse or both of you.  Maybe it’s a little treat or a gift of massage oil or an early bed night for one of you (and the other gets the kids).

Share the “fun”: you have to wrap those presents, bake those holiday snacks and decorate the house, why not do it together?  Put on a good holiday movie or some festive tunes and reminisce about memories from holidays past.

Do a “Secret Santa”: well, there might not be much in the way of secrets here, but you can leave each other little presents or love notes thorughout the month that spread the holiday cheer and bring you closer together.

Plan a night out: it sounds rather ordinary, but if you both plan a special, secret night out to a restaurant and a fun activity, it will be different. One idea is to think about things your partner has been wishing for or talking about for a while, and see if you can work that into the plan.  Another thought is to incorporate a special holiday event like a tree lighting, trip to a nearby city to see their decorations or holiday play.   Think of it as part of their Christmas present.

These are just 4 fun ideas that can make your holiday this year special and help you and your partner create some different memories.  What fun holiday date and romance ideas do you have?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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